Kirsch Pharma GmbH, GERMANY


Founded in 1980, Kirsch Pharma is the manufacturer of raw material for the Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Veterinary industry.

  • GMP Certified Company (GMP Directorate GM-Braunschweig and DQS).
  • cGMP complaint quality assurance and quality control.
  • Certified by DQS according to HACCP 852/2004(EC) and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.
  • Compliance according to ICH Q7A and EU-GMP Guideline Part 2 for Pharmaceutical substances.
  • Member of IPEC (International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council) Europe.
  • Parenteral and Dialysis Grade excipients and certifications according to the current International Pharmacopeia i.e.USP/EP/JP Compliance.
  • Physical modification such as Blending, Grinding, Sieving and Compacting under GMP, with respect to specific customer demands.