Katwijk Chemie BV, NETHERLANDS


Dutch family owned & fully independent company established in 1914 manufacturing Glycofurol, ACTIVE Pharmaceutical ingredients and fine chemicals for more than 100 years.

  • Chemically Glycofurol is Polyethylene glycol tetrahydrofurfuryl ether (CAS:31692-85-0)
  • High Purity grade < Minimum purity 99.0 % (n=1+2)>
  • Produced under cGMP as defined in ICH Q7A, FDA/EDQM inspected
  • Production process doesn’t involve any use of solvents as mentioned in USP/EP class1.
  • Best in Class impurity profile and Peroxide value.
  • BET and MLT tested, suitable to be used as solvent in parenteral application.
  • Plant is regulatory inspected by the USFDA since 1976 (Most recent:2015) and European authorities.
  • Complete regulatory dossier including MOA.