D-Glucuronic Acid

Pharma Grade

CAS #:


Molecular Formula:



Glucosiduronic acid

Molecular Weight:

194.14 g/mol


D-Glucuronic Acid is a sugar acid formed by the oxidation of the C-6 carbon of GLUCOSE. In addition to being a key intermediate metabolite of the uronic acid pathway, glucuronic acid also plays a role in the detoxification of certain drugs and toxins by conjugating with them to form GLUCURONIDES.

Characters Unit Specification
Description White to Off- white crystalline powder
Assay (Titration) % ≥ 97
Specific Optical Rotation [α]20D (c= 1), H2O, 6 h o 34.5 - 38.5
Water Content (Karl Fischer) % ≤ 1

Storage/Shipping Conditions:

  • Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.

Pack Sizes: 25 gm

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