1, 2, Propylene Glycol

EP, USP (Tested for Endotoxin & Microbes)

CAS #:


Molecular Formula:



Propylenglykol 1,2, Propane-1,2-diol

Molecular Weight:

76.10 g/mol


1,2-Propanediol is used in pharmaceutical products as an excipient solvent in oral, topical and injectable drug products. It is an organic compound and colourless liquid without odour. It has a slightly sweet taste and chemically classed as a diol.

Characters Unit Specification
Appearance viscous, clear, colourless, hygroscopic liquid
Identification A (IR) complies
Identification B (Limit of Ethylene glycol) % max. 0.10
Identification B (Limit of Diethylene glycol) % max. 0.10
Identification C (GC Scan) complies
Assay % min. 99.5
Residue on Ignition (USP) mg/50g max. 3.5
Sulphated ash (EP) % max. 0.01
Chloride ppm max. 70
Sulphate ppm max. 60
Specific gravity (25°C/25°C) 1.035 – 1.037
Relative density (20°C/20°C) 1.035 – 1.040
Acidity (USP) ml of 0.10 N NaOH max. 0.20
Acidity (EP) ml of 0.1 M NaOH max. 0.05
Water % max. 0.20
Refractive index 1.431 – 1.433
Oxidizing substances ml of 0.05M Na2S2O3 max. 0.2
Reducing substances complies
Heavy metals complies
Total aerobic microbial count cfu/g max. 100
Total yeasts and moulds count cfu/g max. 50
E.coli cfu/g absent in 1g
Pseudomonas aeruginosa cfu/g absent in 1g
Staphylococcus aureus cfu/g absent in 1g
Salmonella cfu/g absent in 25g

Shelf Life/Retest Date: 1,2 Propylene Glycol can be kept for at least 2 years if stored under recommended conditions.

Storage/Shipping Conditions:

  • Protect against electrostatic charges.
  • Keep ignition sources away - Do not smoke.
  • Protect from heat.
  • The product forms flammable fumes when heated.
  • Fumes can combine with air to form an explosive mixture.
  • Store away from oxidizing agents.
  • Keep container tightly sealed.
  • This product is hygroscopic.

Pack Sizes: 5 Kg

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