Benzyl Alcohol

EP, USP/NF (Tested for Endotoxin & Microbes)

CAS #:


Molecular Formula:



Phenylcarbinol, Benzenemethanol, alpha-Hydroxytoluene

Molecular Weight:

108.14 g/mol


Benzyl Alcohol is used as an anti-parasite medication used to treat head lice and as a common preservative in many injectable drugs. It is a colourless liquid that occurs naturally in plants and fruits is entirely miscible with alcohol and diethyl ether. It is an ideal general solvent due to its polarity and low vapor pressure. It is often found in ink, epoxy resin coatings.

Characters Unit Specification
Appearance clear and colourless liquid
Clarity of solution complies
Colour of solution complies
Identification complies
Acidity ml of 0,1 M NaOH max. 1
Assay % 98,0 – 100,5
Bacterial endotoxin I.U./g max. 2,5
Benzaldehyde % max. 0,05
Cyclohexylmethanol % max. 0,10
Particle >10μm per ml max. 25
Particle >25μm per ml max. 3
Peaks with RT < benzyl alcohol % max. 0,02
Peaks with RT >Benzyl Alcohol % max. 0,2
Peroxide value max.5
Refractive index (20°C) 1,538 – 1,541
Relative density (20°C) 1,043 – 1,049
Residual Solvents (Ph. Eur., USP) According to requirements
Residual Solvents Benzene ppm max. 2
Residual Solvents Toluene ppm max. 30
Residue on evaporation % max.0.05
Total aerobic microbial count cfu/g max. 100
Total yeasts and moulds count cfu/g max. 50
E.coli cfu/g absent in 1g
Pseudomonas aeruginosa cfu/g absent in 1g
Staphylococcus aureus cfu/g absent in 1g
Salmonella cfu/g absent in 25g

Shelf Life/Retest Date: Benzyl Alcohol can be kept for at least 2 years if stored under recommended conditions.

Storage/Shipping Conditions:

  • Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.
  • Store at room temperature in the original container.
  • Store away from incompatible materials.
  • Keep away from heat and sources of ignition.
  • Sensitive to light.
  • Store in light-resistant containers.
  • Store under inert gas.

Pack Sizes: 5 Kg

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